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56 Pro Tips for Stress-Free Flying with Kids

Plane-tips flying with kids

Going on a trip sounds exciting. But when you bring kids on a plane, it’s exhausting, exasperating, and far from exciting. Wouldn’t you like tips to make flying with kids easier and less stressful?

When my kids were little, we flew each year to visit my mom. What an ordeal! I had to maneuver them through the airport, lead them on the plane, deal with take-off and landing, hope I had enough snacks to last the entire flight, and keep them entertained non-stop. It was incredibly stressful!

I was reminded of these struggles after reading a friend’s Facebook post:

“Help! I need tips for flying alone with my two kids. Ugh, this won’t be fun. What should I do???”

This got me thinking. There are tons of other parents in similar situations. And there are many experienced parents who have traveled thousands of miles with kids. So I reached out and gathered advice. Surprisingly, 40 parents quickly responded!

Here are their tips for smoother flying with happier kidsand happier parents!

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56 Tips for Simplifying Flying with Kids

Tips for flying with kids

Since there are many ideas, I organized the tips into sections. You can easily jump around to your particular needs. If you have other ideas, please add them in the comments below.


General Tips for Flying with Kids

1. Allow extra time! It takes much longer with kids, so double (or triple!) what you usually do.

2. We try to follow our child’s natural pattern and fly when he is most likely to sleep. It’s not always possible, but we keep this in mind when booking flights.

3. Pack light, especially for your carry-on bags. (Actually, pack light in general. It’s a pain to lug lots of luggage, even those you check.)

4. Bring more snack food then you think you’ll need. We learned the hard way. Remember you also need snacks for waiting at the gate and after you land getting to the hotel. We take string cheese, Cheerios, Pretzels, and anything else not messy.

5. It seems obvious but charge everything. AND download videos so you don’t depend on Wi-Fi.

6. When I’m flying with my kids, I use a backpack instead of my normal carry-on bags. It’s very helpful having everything on my back and having my hands free.

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Tricks for Getting Around the Airport

Airport Gate Sign Tips for Flying with Kids

7. I travel a bunch with my 2-year-old and this is what I do. Wear your tiny child (or only one if that’s the case) through the airport, in a carrier. Use a stroller to move your bags through the airport…then gate-check your stroller in a sturdy stroller bag (that you push with your bags in your stroller until needed), so it’s protected and doesn’t get dirty.

8. I’ve recently found out that you can take a foldable wagon through security, up to the gate and gate check it. I’m going to do this next trip instead of a stroller as it holds more “stuff” and weighs less. Plus we always rent one in Hawaii for hauling gear to the beach so it’s one less item to rent!

9. I have our two-year-old walk through the airport and I throw our carry-on stuff in the stroller. This way she’s more inclined to sleep later and I don’t have to lug everything. Just make sure to allow for extra time. 🙂

10. Around the airport, we have the car seats in a stroller but I’ve also seen people use a collapsible wagon or trolley.

11. When I fly and don’t want to bring the big stroller, I bring a little umbrella one to help me get through the airport.

12. I tell our 2-year-old that he can get one toy at the airport… that keeps us moving. And then he plays with that in the airport and a good deal of the flight. I also have other special toys (some new and some old favorites).

13. We like using a backless booster. It’s easy to carry through the airport or shove in your stroller. Also, you can add it to the stroller bag when you gate check it. We always stuff the stroller bag with extra items that we need for getting to the gate but don’t want to carry with us on the plane.

14. I also find it easier to have a 2 kid stroller, with a car seat for each of them if needed put into it, to get through the airport, and also sturdy enough to carry bags. This also means both kids need purchased seats, but that is safer anyways.

15. One of my favorite tips for flying with kids is to make it fun! When they’re cranky waiting to board the plane, we play a game.  I call out different actions, like jump, run, hop, or whatever. This keeps them busy AND gets rid of excess energy. Then once on the plane, they’re more inclined to sleep.

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Useful Items to Bring on the Plane

16. Slip-on shoes are MUCH easier and faster than shoes with laces. With little kids, this extra time adds up.

17. Always carry an extra set of clothes for yourself and the kids. Pack extra outfits in a Ziploc bag so you can compress out the air to take up less space and have something to put the dirty clothes in if you need to change. I also pack all snacks in a Ziploc bag because security sometimes makes you take the snacks out of your carryon.

18. Disinfectant wipes to wipe down the tray tables and armrests.

19. When I fly with kids, I always bring a medical bag with items for fever, allergies, motion sickness, and anything else you might need en route.

20. Carry an empty plastic bag at all times. It’s good for gathering your trash as well as if your child vomits.

21. Bring a roll of paper towels. I’m always amazed at how much I use!

22. My toddler is picky, so I bring a small cooler and use frozen Gogurts instead of ice packs to keep the grapes, string cheese, blueberries, and other items cold.

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Best Airplane Activities

23. This trick keeps my two-year-old busy for 20-minute stretches! Get lots of fun, colorful, decorative masking tape that can stick anywhere they can reach while seated on the plane. It’s used for scrapbooking. You can find it the cheapest from the dollar store.

24. Definitely bring those jelly-like window decorations! Kids love arranging them on the plane’s window. They even have fun peeling them off.  Let them decorate the window and wall (also use to act out/ illustrate stories). Throw them out on arrival and bring more for the trip home.

25. We bring a small toy that they’ve never seen, something to keep them entertained. We also load a tablet with games for them to enjoy or let them watch shows if the plane has tv’s accessible.

26. I have my little one carry her own backpack, and I pack crayons/stickers/activity puzzle books.

27 Small gifts you can give to the kids in flight when they start to get antsy (and wrapped is best because that adds time to the process). Put little (dollar store) items to entertain them in small brown bags. Mark with times for opening, so they don’t see everything new at the same time. And don’t forget to plan similarly for the return trip!

28. If you give your child a tablet, make sure he knows how to use it… and likes it. I suggest practicing at home before the actual flight.

29. We love Water Wow! coloring books when flying with our kids.

30. Bring colored construction paper and a paintbrush. Then paint with water on colored construction paper. It leaves a great mark on the color paper with zero mess! We do this all the time. It’s so fun and mess-free!

31. Bring headphones (special for kids). You can find cute ones like this on Amazon.

cute headphones-tips for flying with kids


32. Pipe cleaners, pipe cleaners, and more pipe cleaners! They don’t take up much room and keep our toddler busy.

33. Wrap interesting objects-not necessarily toys. I use Tupperware and old remotes in some crinkly paper or foil for the toddler to unwrap.

34. Stickers and sticker books! (I get some awesome ones from the dollar store.)

35. Each child brings a baby doll because that is what they are really interested in right now. It also comforts them.

36. Here’s my top tip for flying with kids… lots of books! We get music and audiobooks, sometimes we borrow these from the library.

37. Wiki stix (order a $5 pack on Amazon. They are a wax-covered string that is very open-ended and not messy.

39. I made (you can also buy) a cover for the tray table that was a sort of mini play mat with roads and such and brought little cars to play with.

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How to Avoid Ear Pain During the Flight

39. Applesauce pouches are good for relieving ear pressure. (And don’t let the TSA tell you they aren’t allowed. They are!)

40. Lollipops or candies like M&Ms that you dole out one at a time for take-off and landing.

41. Rub firmly between the shoulder blades on takeoff and landing – should minimize crying because of pressure changes.

42. Use a cup with a straw or a bottle right at takeoff and during descent for landing.

43. We have our 2-year-old suck on a lollipop as we take off and land to assist with ear pressure changes. We also have small treats (M&M’s, etc) for him to chew on for this purpose.

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Traveling with Toddlers’ Car Seats

44. Having our son sit in a car seat keeps us sane during the flight! We found a great tip for flying with kids- prep him beforehand (he usually doesn’t like sitting in his car seat). We set up kitchen chairs then practiced finding our seat, buckling in, listening to the flight attendants, and anything else we could think of. We told him that when he’s on the actual plane, we’ll give him items to play with. It was incredible! He actually sat in his car seat, asked to get buckled in, and then sat nicely for 7.5 hours. I highly recommend practicing beforehand!

45. As for car seats, we use them in the airplane seats. Aside from the safety aspect, it is a much better seat fit, which allows them to nap better. We keep them strapped in for 99% of our flights, but our flights were only 4hrs long. Perhaps a few stretch breaks will help.

46. Use the CARES child safety harness if the older child fits the size (they are sold on Amazon among other places). I find that my 2 or 3-year-old (that is on the larger size for 2) does well in the harness rather than dealing with a car seat. However, our smaller for her age 2-year-old doesn’t do as well and needs a car seat.

47. Bring a cheap lightweight car seat if the 2-year-old won’t sit without being in a harness (this is also more comfortable for napping).

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Bathroom-Related Tips

48. Even if your toddler isn’t potty-trained, have them wear pull-ups (but explain they’re still a big kid, it’s just good to wear pull-ups on planes). The pull-ups prevent our child from having accidents. We also don’t have to run to the bathroom. It’s not fun being stuck in your seat during turbulence and you can’t get to the bathroom.

49. For a carry-on, I like to keep “diaper bag” type stuff but also have a smaller bag/ziplock or wet bag with a couple of diapers, wipes, change pad and change of clothes. This lets me grab it quickly to head to the washroom during the flight.

50. Bring bed protectors, which incontinent people use in bed when they can’t control their bladder. They’re easy to pack and very useful. When you change your child’s diaper, place the protector on the plane. It keeps your child healthy by not touching the dirty floor. They’re so convenient, I use several per each flight.

51. We try to get seats towards the back of the plane or near the bathroom. But not too close or it stinks! Trust me, this is an important tip when flying with (and without!) kids.

52. If you absolutely have to change your child at your seat, remember that there are others nearby who don’t want to smell your kid’s stinky diaper. Do it quickly and place the soiled diaper into a Ziplock bag.

53. Visit the plane’s bathroom before you take off. Yes, you want your child to go to the bathroom. But this is one of my best tips for flying with kids. it also acquaints them with the tiny bathroom and what to expect.

54. I grab extra of everything because you can’t buy more diapers or wipes on the plane!

55. In the carry-on backpack, keep a separate SOS diaper kit with diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, so you don’t have to lug the whole bag to the bathroom in case of a diaper blowout. Include SOS top for mom. Blowouts and vomit seem to always happen.

56. Bring extra clothes into the bathroom in case your child has an accident or pees all over themselves. It’s much easier to carry in the extra clothes than having to deal with getting back to your seat with a mess on your hands.

And a funny (or not so funny) story from one mom: I kept feeding my son suckers. Except then he threw up. It was me, 2 kids and a business guy with me catching throw up in a diaper. Epic win/fail.

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  1. Allison

    VERY helpful! Good timing because I’m about to fly with my two year old and have been worried. It’s nice to read tips from parents who have done this before.

  2. Karen

    Allison, I’m so glad you found these tips helpful! I remember how worried I was flying with young kids, especially for the first time. It does get easier. Have a great trip!

  3. Carrie

    These tips are great! I always made 2 lists before we left… a list of what we had with us so when packing up for transitions I could make sure I had everything. And a list of ideas of games to play, songs to sing, etc. That way when my brain was tired, I wasn’t having to create ideas.

  4. Karen

    Carrie- these are great ideas! LOL, how true about a tired brain, so that’s clever having a handy cheat sheet of fun things to do with kids. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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