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About Author Karen Thurm Safran on Playful Parenting

Karen Thurm SafranHi there! I’m Karen, a mom with two grown kids, and I’ve spent my life immersed in playful parenting.

Let’s get real. While parenting is rewarding, it’s also stressful.

Like those times when your child doesn’t cooperate, argues, and even throws a tantrum. When you rapidly blink away tears before they stream down your face. Sound familiar?

I remember those overwhelming, disheartening, downright exasperating days. And being divorced made it especially difficult since I could no longer depend on another adult in the house to help. Nope, I was on my own. To make matters worse, I was a stressed-out single parent.

I had to do something.

So, What Did I Do?

Luckily, my parents set a positive example with playful parenting. They embraced a “can do!” spirit, used their imagination, and created games to turn around challenging parenting moments.

It was like magic! Life became more enjoyable for everyone.

Goodbye nagging, yelling, and power struggles. Not only does this playful approach make parenting easier and more fun, but it also empowers your children and connects families.

I wrote ParentingLet’s Make a Game of It to spark your playfulness and ease stressful situations. Written for busy parents who don’t have much time to read, you can flip through this light-hearted book and in only 5-10 minutes read a stand-alone chapter. It’s similar to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series with entertaining, anecdotal stories.


Fun Facts About Me

  • I grew up in Boston but moved to California after graduating from Mount Holyoke College. Since it’s been more than half of my life, I consider myself a Californian. 🙂
  • I’m super close to my kids. When they were in college, I started a tradition of visiting them each quarter. Woo-hoo, we continue this tradition today! Okay, my son only lives an hour drive away, and I can hop on a quick airplane flight to see my daughter, but I cherish that they want to spend time with little ole me.
  • I love making learning fun for kids. I’ve spent most of my career working in K-12 education technology, exciting kids about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). LOL, I was not a tech lover when I first moved to Silicon Valley but look at me now.
  • I’ve worked for lots of innovative companies, including Apple, iD Tech summer programs, and now I do marketing consulting for cutting-edge STEM companies. Guess which is my all-time favorite job? Yup, being a mom. As a parent, I get to apply my problem-solving, organizational, and leadership skills to empower those I love most—my kids.

So, next time you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed…

Playful Parenting Karen Thurm Safran

And you don’t know what to do…

Karen Thurm Safran playful parenting

Spark your playful spirit and create games to ease challenging moments.

Karen Thurm Safran

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