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How to Make Chores Fun for Kids… and Adults!

Ugh, chores. No one wants to do them. Not adults… and certainly not kids.

So, let’s make it playful and fun!


That’s right, you can turn around frustrating moments with music, games, and a positive attitude.

  • Music energizes any task.
  • And games make chores more fun.

For instance, whenever my kids and I returned home from a memorable trip, they would dump their things and run into their rooms. Unpacking was the last thing they wanted to do. What a mess! Everyone’s luggage, bags, backpacks, and stuff were scattered all over the floor.

So much for a nice trip.

I got tired of nagging and yelling at my kids to help. It was going nowhere, and I kept getting more and more annoyed. It was time to try a more playful approach based on how my parents raised me.

Here’s How to Make a Chore Fun

This example is for unpacking from a trip, but you can use it for any chore.

1. Gather the Team Together

Woo-hoo! It’s time to smile and joyfully announce the game. That’s right, a positive attitude is contagious and sets the tone. Go ahead, assemble your team into the living room with all the luggage and carry-on bags.

On your way, grab the laundry baskets. Yup, laundry baskets. You’ll see why in a second.

2. Listen to Music

Choose your family’s favorite music to liven up the mood. There’s nothing like upbeat songs to improve any task. Even better, fast-tempo songs make everyone move faster.

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3. Play a Guessing Game

With music ready, gather the family into a huddle. It’s time to guess.

Gee, how many songs until we finish unpacking?

Assume each song probably lasts about three minutes. Yes! Another opportunity to include real-world math in a playful way. Three songs is nine minutes (3 x 3). Four songs is twelve minutes (3 x 4). Once everyone guesses, turn on the music and start moving.

4. Organize and Categorize

Go, team, go! Give each person a laundry basket. If you don’t have enough, take turns and focus on one suitcase at a time.

As you empty each bag, organize items into categories based on where things go in the house. Transfer the clean, folded clothes into a laundry basket. Place bathroom stuff in a designated pile on the floor. Dirty clothes in another area. Water bottles and leftover snack food someplace else.

5. Delivery Time

It’s time to delegate the delivery tasks. Who puts away the bathroom things? And what about tossing the dirty clothes into the laundry bins?

Because you organized items by rooms, there will be less back and forth running all over the house. Those with the laundry basket slide it down the hall to their room. If there are stairs, you might want to carry it for them. Bam, they place their clothes in the drawers and run back with the empty laundry basket. Now the next person transfers, delivers, and puts away their clothes. Keep putting everything away until there’s nothing left and the floor is empty.

Done! How many songs?

Mission Accomplished!

  • Your kids didn’t drive you crazy.
  • You turned an unpleasant task into playful fun.
  • Your kids stopped complaining and had fun helping.
  • Your suitcases are unpacked, and your house is neat.
  • You spent quality time as a family connecting.

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    • Karen

      Thanks Natacha! That’s great your little one loves helping you with chores. And yes, music is amazing to perk up any task. I like playing music when I hang up my wet clothes to dry. I guess how many songs it will take, and it becomes a game to see how quickly I can finish. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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