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Playful Stress Relief Breathing Exercises for Kids

Stress is all around us. It’s part of life, and we can’t escape it.

But there’s good news!

We have immediate access to a powerful stress relief tool— something that’s always with us.

Our breath.

So why not make your breath the best it can be?

Stress Relief Tools

In this blog post, you’ll learn from a mindfulness expert:

  • Playful breathing exercises for kids of all ages—and the kid in all of us!
  • A guided mindfulness meditation to slow down your breath, body, and mind.

“In case of emergency. stop, drop and roll… and take a breath!”
—Missy Brown

Woman Missy Brown expert with mindfulnessMeet Missy Brown, a pioneer in the field of yoga and mindfulness for children. She’s the author of “Breath Breaks with Missy,” an engaging, simple, joy-filled book with 46 breath breaks for stress relief.

Missy empowers children of all ages to discover their whole, perfect self through the practice of mindful play.

These practices can be life-changing.

“Let’s give our children tools to have an abundant life!”

After teaching preschool for many years, Missy founded Deep Play for Kids, LLC, a school that certifies others to share these essential kid-friendly mindfulness practices. She has trained more than 500 professionals who have taught this practice to thousands of children.

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Playful Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

These breathing exercises are located at the Deep Play for Kids website.

1. Bear Breath


Breathe your way to quiet like a hibernating bear. This is an opportunity to go inside, find connection, quiet and calm.

Open your palms ~ These are the caves.

Tuck in your thumbs ~ These are the bears going inside.

Gently wrap your other 4 fingers around the ‘bears’ ~ making a soft fist.

Place your resting bears on your lap.

Invite the bears to take a rest with some slow breaths in and some long breaths out, slow breaths in and long breaths out.

2. Balloon Breath

Find a comfortable way to sit or lay down.

Imagine there is a balloon in your belly. It can be any color you choose.

Place your hands gently on your belly and as you take a breath in, feel your belly get big like blowing up a balloon. As you let your breath go, feel your belly come back like deflating a balloon.

Repeat this a few times and if you would like, try closing your eyes while you practice it.

You can place a secret love message into your balloon and with your breath, imagine those thoughts being sent all over the world! These balloons can be colored for added relaxation.

3. Stop Sign

Stress relief instructions to practice STOP mindfulness technique

4. Square Breath

Place your tracing finger on a square.

Begin in the lower left corner of “this square” or this can also be done on a piece of paper, a book, a desk, a paint sample square or an imaginary square shaped item on your lap or in the palm of your hand.

Doing this slowly, breathe in as you trace up to the top left corner, breathe out as you trace across from top left to top right, breathe in as you trace from top right to the bottom right, breathe again as you trace back from the bottom right to bottom left where you started.

This can also be done as a soft pause and gentle breath retention by tracing up on an inhale, pause and gently hold your breath as you trace across from the top left to the top right, breath out as you trace from the top right to the bottom right, pause again as you trace back from bottom right to bottom left.

Mindful Breathing

Time is valuable, precious, and limited. Pause and spend 4-minutes with Missy as she guides you through a mindfulness meditation.

Click here to listen.

An Interview with Missy Brown

This is part of my “Tips from the Pros” series, where I interview professionals who work with children. You’ll benefit from their years of experience as they share helpful advice.

Why Should We Teach Kids Stress Relief Techniques?

Anxiety and stress in children are reaching epidemic levels. Academic pressures and life expectations are compromising emotional well being. Overall wellness and academic health cannot thrive if emotional, psychological, and mental health is not intact.

Time is overfilled, lives are overfilled, to do lists are overfilled.

The opportunity to be, play, wonder, and internally explore are highly at risk.

Mindfulness instructor with three kids doing exercise with legs and arms

Not long ago, TV was a distraction however it could be turned off. Now we take ‘that’ with us to our desks, our kitchens, our nightstands, into our pockets, our bags, and backpacks, on our wrists.

Our brains, and more so children’s brains, are constantly being remodeled.

The brain best focuses on one complex task at a time. Mindfulness and presence are a must for mental health and wellness to thrive!

Happiness and connection are our birthrights.

We need tools for navigating life.

What is Your Mission?

Mindfulness instructor Missy Brown with yoga pose

I am devoted to help others and feel deeply honored to have the privilege of sharing these practices. I’m passionately committed as they have changed my life, my children’s lives, and I truly believe they have the possibility to change the lives of many generations.

One child at a time, one breath at a time.

Let’s give our children tools to have an abundant life!

To intimately participate, wholeheartedly, to live with fortitude, radiantly, radically, authentically, perfect as a whole as they are. The fierce urgency of now calls us.

Tell Us About Deep Play for Kids

Deep Play for Kids offers a safe opportunity to reconnect through play!

All Deep Play for Kids programming is created to best support the population being served.

Group of colorful toes in circle touching

Classes, private sessions, training, and programs provide a methodology and practical application of research-based yoga, creative movement, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditation for personal use as well as to share with children.

Deep Play for Kids includes the FUNdamentals of developing tools and strategies in an interactive and educational way.

We offer Professional Development Programs, Teacher Certifications, Yoga Trainings, Immersions for Kids, Children’s Camps and Classes, Parenting Workshops, Mindful In School Foundations, Creative Curriculum Implementation, Private in Person Session, Virtual Session, and more.

Tell Us About Yourself

I am a proud momma of three amazing sons and two delicious granddaughters, and I live in Connecticut with my beloved partner, Joe, and our four-legged furry animals.

Mindfulness instructor hugging man

Prior to starting Deep Play for Kids, I worked in a pre-school for many years, seeing each child as their true self. I saw that children who participate in wellness experiences at an early age are given the opportunity to create a solid foundation and fill their “toolbags” to carry throughout their lives.

For many years, I had a children’s center in Westport, Connecticut where I offered kids classes in yoga, dance, movement, art, and science.

In addition, the center offered a yearly summer camp, and kids and family cooking classes. Parenting groups, private sessions, and family options were also included.

Deep Play for Kids has been cultivated and created from my life’s curriculum and now has become my mission to share what has been gifted to me.  I’ve been teaching Deep Play for Kids in schools for nearly 20 years.

two women and man dressed in white

Do You Also Teach Yoga?

Yes, I’m on the faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, North America’s largest residential facility for holistic health and education.

Additi0nally, I’m a teacher in the Pranotthan School of Yoga, Assistant Director for Let Your Yoga Dance Trainings and have co-created “Learn to Teach Let Your Yoga Dance to Kids and Teens.”

As a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, I hold numerous and diverse certifications in the fields of mindfulness, wellness, yoga, and meditation. 

Photos courtesy of Missy Brown and Deep Play for Kids.

Do you have any favorite kid-friendly breathing exercises for stress relief? Let’s help each other.

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