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Parenthood Certainly Can Be Fun (Interview Podcast)

“If I was asked to use a few words to describe parenthood, I’d first ask if I was allowed to make up swear words.

Then, assuming I was told ‘no,’ I’d start rattling off my choice of many adjectives.

  • Difficult
  • Rewarding
  • Funny
  • Exhausting

And then somewhere on that list, in my top ten but definitely near the bottom of it, would be the word ‘fun.’

In all honesty, I don’t find parenting fun.

I love my children, I think they’re hilarious and entertaining, and I’ve had many fun moments. But constantly being tired, not being allowed sick days, and constantly being pushed to the limit of literally everything I thought I knew, time and time again, isn’t my idea of fun.

  • Dancing is fun.
  • Reading is fun.

Constantly bouncing between proud and excited, and worried sick and on the verge of a mental breakdown… is not fun.

But, my guest today, Karen Thurm Safran, would beg to differ.

And she’s here to prove that parenthood certainly can be fun….”

Listen to this amusing interview podcast

Arianna Bradford with The NYAM Project (Not Your Average Mom) interviews Karen Thurm Safran, author of Parenting: Let’s Make a Game of It. Karen stops by to talk about her book and describe how her Mary Poppins-like approach helped her as a single mother, and throughout her life.

In the end, I definitely notice that there’s a point to this, as my children do prefer to play over doing chores (who doesn’t?). It’s a very interesting look into how humor can be an important tool when parenting.
–Arianna Bradford, The NYAM Project (Not Your Average Mom)

Learn How to Be a Playful Parent

Sounds good in theory, but how do you implement playful parenting approaches?

I share this playful approach in an entertaining, easy to read book, Parenting—Let’s Make a Game of It. Written for busy parents, learn how to playfully stop struggling with your toddlers and school-age children. The how-to messages are shared through amusing stories, and the down-to-earth tone leaves you feeling encouraged.

The results?

You’ll make parenting more fun

You’ll empower your kids

Your family will spend more time connecting

You can find my book here. An Amazon #1 New Release in 7 parenting categories with glowing 5-star reviews. Look inside for a sneak peek.

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Here’s to playful parenting!

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