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Here Are Your Playful Tips

Congrats! Get ready for your child to willingly listen.

Download the printable with 10 quick tips.

Perfect for Busy Parents

Check out Parenting—Let’s Make a Game of It, an Amazon #1 New Release in 7 parenting categories. This entertaining book of 5-minute stories teaches playful parenting playfully. Through quick-to-read, relatable stories, you’ll learn playful ways to encourage cooperation.

  • Stop kids from misbehaving and ignoring you
  • Make tasks fun so children cooperate
  • Create a positive, playful family atmosphere
  • Experience more joy with your kids
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Only $7.99 (Kindle) and $9.99 (paperback)

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“Wonderfully written and so witty! I am usually skeptical of parenting/self-help books, but I could not be more impressed. It is broken down into easy-to-read chapters and every snippet is so applicable to many aspects of parenting.
—Brittney, “The Honest Mom” mommy blogger

Woman psychologist how to get kids to listen“Through stories, parents will discover how to turn tears and conflict into joyful connection and positive change.”
—Dr. Cheryl B. Lamin, clinical psychologist


“It is refreshing to read a book of parenting ideas, that is as much fun to read as the ideas are to implement.”
—Deborah Hoffman, speech language pathologist and director of Communication Clubhouse