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★★★★★ “Really great reminders to stay fun and playful with your kids.”

★★★★★ A fun, positive and creative way to parent – must read!”

★★★★★ Great book and easy to implement!”

★★★★★‌ “Insightful parenting techniques for challenging moments.”

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Here’s What Professionals Say

Psychologists, Therapists, and Health Professionals

Man on how to get kids to listen“A charming and helpful book for anyone struggling with their young children. Written in a whimsical tone, the book’s gentle wisdom unfolds until you discover your ability to loosen up, have fun, and enjoy your kids.”
Dr. Fred Luskin, author of “Forgive for Good” and director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects

“Unlike most parenting books, this one is easy to read and entertaining. Instead of recommending consequences or rewards, this book teaches you how to create games to encourage desired behaviors in your children. What a joy to read!”
Marli Diniz, marriage & family therapist

“Through stories, parents will discover how to turn tears and conflict into joyful connection and positive change.”
—Dr. Cheryl B. Lamin, clinical psychologist


“It is refreshing to read a book of parenting ideas, that is as much fun to read as the ideas are to implement.”
Deborah Hoffman, speech language pathologist and director of Communication Clubhouse

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Mommy and Book Bloggers

“Wonderfully written and so witty! I am usually skeptical of parenting/self-help books, but I could not be more impressed with this book! It is broken down into easy to read chapters and every snippet is so applicable to many aspects of parenting. I thought it was so clever and humorous. I would highly recommend to any parent!” Brittney, “The Honest Mom” mommy blogger

I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you are looking for easily -digestible, immediately-implementable parenting tips! The anecdotes in this book help me approach routine outings with a new sense of fun and family teamwork (instead of battling against my kids or begging/bribing for compliance).” Library Loving Mommy, book blogger

“The book is full of creative strategies that solve daily parenting problems, and I loved the author’s let’s-be-real style of writing. She doesn’t paint herself or her kids as perfect people, but she encourages parents to tap into their innate creativity and work with their kids to make life more enjoyable–even while doing all the stuff that doesn’t seem fun at first glance.” Megan, “The Many Little Joys” mommy blogger

“This new parenting book is changing the way I parent and leading to more happy days. Within a few chapters of this book, I was already inspired by the author’s creative approach to parenting. The stories in the book are just fun and inspirational to read. I definitely recommend this book for parents, whether new or experienced.” Vicki, “Babies to Bookworms” book blogger

“I found this book very encouraging, especially with helping me think outside the box with my two-year-old. The book is filled with many incredibly fun ways to distract from the madness that may be happening at the moment with our children or getting them to complete tasks.” Randa, “Inspiring Thru Positivity” mommy blogger


“This is a fabulous book written by a fun mom who knows how to make parenting a game – and makes it easier for everyone! This book contains stories with examples of how to turn a tricky parenting situation from kids whining to engagement and excitement. I’m quickly noticing when I put on a huge smile and make a situation sound fun rather than tedious, my preschooler is much more receptive and we have fewer battles. Two thumbs up from us both!” Julie, “Fab Working Mom Life” and “Chapter Break” mommy and book blogger

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“This book will help any family deal more effectively with their children. They will find it not only useful but fun as well.”
Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul”


“This delightful, whimsical book is a fun, easy-to-read treasure. It is playfully and powerfully presented for most anyone who has children in their lives. I am excited to pass this on to parents and educators who will benefit from its wisdom.”
Missy Brown, founder of Deep Play for Kids


“Love these inspiring stories! They shift unhappy and frustrating moments into fun learning experiences.”
–Dr. Alice Wahl Lachman, parent and educator

Heidi Smith Hyde on how to build self-confidence in a child“This should be required reading for all new (and not so new) parents. The author provides loving anecdotes filled with whimsy and humor, all designed to empower parents as they struggle with mealtime, bedtime, car trips, and more. It’s all about having a positive, can-do attitude.”
–Heidi Smith Hyde, parent and director of education

“I like this thoughtful, tenacious, and inventive mom, and I’m going to use some of her ideas! The stories are incredibly relatable and her inner dialogue is spot on. It’s fun reading stories that are relevant to my school-age kids.”
–Carrie Sinosic, parent and educator

“This is a parenting book I can really get behind. This book leaves you feeling encouraged, and you are engaged the whole time. Since it reads like fiction, you can kick back and relax while reading it. My first instinct when facing a stressful or not fun situation with my children is to snap or focus on the problem rather than my children. This book shows me how to breathe, laugh, and turn it into a game. Much better than everyone being grumpy because mom was grumpy.” –Katie Chambers, parent and educator

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Parents & People Who Work With Children

“I started reading this book expecting it to be another book on parenting written by another “expert” in the field of how to be the “perfect” parent. To my surprise, this book got my attention from the first story until the last. Each story is short and sweet. It’s a book you can pick up at any time and flip to different parts of the book to read an encouraging and positive story that makes challenging situations with young kids fun.” –Kris Holden, parent

“The author gives you a ton of new strategies, and she writes in a fun way that keeps you turning pages, not the dull, academic style of many other parenting books. I cannot recommend this enough!”
–Tracey Price, parent


“The techniques covered in this book can be used in many situations. I used the Alphabet Search game to keep my bored niece entertained on a walk. Soon we were having so much fun finding letters on signs, license plates, and posters. Everyone on the walk joined in the game!”
–Alex Gomez


“The stories are engaging! I love the mother’s creativity to get her children to do something they didn’t want to do.”
–Barbara Ruggiero Ching, parent


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