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Podcasts Interviews and Reviews


1) The NYAM (Not Your Average Mom) Project

Parenting: Let’s Make a Game Of It

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2) Sandy Joy Weston, Let’s Keep It Real

Make Your Kids Listen Through Fun

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3) Peaceful Parenting Coach Sarah Rosensweet

How to Make Parenting Easier—and More Fun

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Book Reviews

Brittney, “The Honest Mom” mommy blogger

“Wonderfully written and so witty! I am usually skeptical of parenting/self-help books, but I could not be more impressed with this book! It is broken down into easy to read chapters and every snippet is so applicable to many aspects of parenting. I thought it was so clever and humorous. I would highly recommend to any parent!”


Library Loving Mommy book blogger

I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you are looking for easily -digestible, immediately-implementable parenting tips! The anecdotes in this book help me approach routine outings with a new sense of fun and family teamwork (instead of battling against my kids or begging/bribing for compliance).”


Vicki, “Babies to Bookworms” book blogger

“This new parenting book is changing the way I parent and leading to more happy days. Within a few chapters of this book, I was already inspired by the author’s creative approach to parenting. The stories in the book are just fun and inspirational to read. I definitely recommend this book for parents, whether new or experienced.”


Randa, “Inspiring Thru Positivity” mommy blogger

“I found this book very encouraging, especially with helping me think outside the box with my two-year-old. The book is filled with many incredibly fun ways to distract from the madness that may be happening at the moment with our children or getting them to complete tasks.”


Megan, “The Many Little Joys” mommy blogger

“The book is full of creative strategies that solve daily parenting problems, and I loved the author’s let’s-be-real style of writing. She doesn’t paint herself or her kids as perfect people, but she encourages parents to tap into their innate creativity and work with their kids to make life more enjoyable–even while doing all the stuff that doesn’t seem fun at first glance.”


Julie, “Fab Working Mom Life” and “Chapter Break” mommy and book blogger

“This is a fabulous book written by a fun mom who knows how to make parenting a game – and makes it easier for everyone! This book contains stories with examples of how to turn a tricky parenting situation from kids whining to engagement and excitement. I’m quickly noticing when I put on a huge smile and make a situation sound fun rather than tedious, my preschooler is much more receptive and we have fewer battles. Two thumbs up from us both!”

Published Articles

Keeping Your Cool During Coronavirus Quarantine


Thank You Coronavirus… Parenting Just Got Even Harder

Playfulness Helps Kids Listen

I was a stressed-out, single mom, but parenting became easier (and more fun!) when I used my parents’ playful technique.

What’s the secret?

Turn parenting challenges into a game. If it helped me, it can help you too.

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