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About Author Karen Thurm Safran

Hi, I’m Karen! I’m a mom with two grown kids, and I’m also a marketing executive in K-12 education technology. It’s incredibly rewarding making learning fun for kids.

I’ve worked for lots of exciting companies, but my all-time favorite job is being a mom.

As a parent, I get to apply my problem-solving, organizational, and leadership skills to empower those I love most—my kids.

This past year I put my career on hold to fulfill a childhood dream of writing a book.

Welcome My Third Child…

ParentingLet’s Make a Game of It is a #1 New Release in 7 Amazon categories. Learn playful ways to stop struggling with your child and start having more fun. It’s loosely based on how I raised my kids, and it ‘s written in memory of my parents who had a clever trick for dealing with everyday challenging situations.

My mom and dad embraced a “can do!” spirit, used their imagination, and created games to turn around frustrating moments.

It was like magic!

Goodbye nagging, yelling, and getting into those power struggles. Life became more enjoyable for both the kids and parents.

“I started reading the book, “Parenting, Let’s Make a Game of It” expecting it to be another book on parenting where it would be written by another “expert” in the field of how to be the “perfect” parent. I have yet to finish one of these books because they never held my interest all the way through. To my surprise, Karen Thurm Safran’s book got my attention from the first story until the last. This is definitely a book I will be gifting.”
—Kris Holden

It Can Help You Too

When I became a mom, I experienced firsthand the benefits of this playful attitude and positive parenting style.

Trust me, with a stressed-out personality, I was far from relaxed. And being divorced with two young children made it especially difficult since I could no longer depend on another adult in the house to help out. 

Sure, using games when you’re annoyed seems counterintuitive. The last thing you want to do is be playful!

But the results are amazing.

“The book is full of creative strategies that solve daily parenting problems, and I loved the author’s let’s-be-real style of writing. She doesn’t paint herself or her kids as perfect people, but she encourages parents to tap into their innate creativity and work with their kids to make life more enjoyable–even while doing all the stuff that doesn’t seem fun at first glance.”
—Megan Harr, “The Many Little Joys” Mommy Blogger

Uh-oh, your child lifts his tomato-smeared plate and opens his mouth. His tongue darts around, slurping and lapping up the leftover sauce. What should you do?
Read a sample chapter from my book
, Parenting—Let’s Make a Game of It, and see the surprising and playful way the mom teaches her son table manners.

If This Technique Helped Me, It Can Help Anyone

So, next time you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed…

And you don’t know what to do…

Spark your playful spirit and create games to ease challenging moments.

Why Wait… Start Finding the Fun in Parenting

You’ll have more fun being a parent.

You’ll empower your kids.

And your family will spend more quality time connecting.

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