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Make Parenting Challenges Easier… and More Fun

woman holding her head frustrated by parenting challengesParenting challenges—ugh!

We’ve all been there.

Your kids are fussing, misbehaving, and not listening—even melting down.

You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and ready to scream.

If only there was a magical way to stop struggling with your kids.

Good news… there is!

The Secret: Turn Parenting Challenges Into a Game

Create games to deal with everyday parenting challenges.

You’ll avoid confrontations, end arguments, encourage cooperation, and even get kids to help around the house.

It really works.

My parents used this trick with me, and it’s how I raised my two kids.

If it helped me as a stressed-out single parent, it can help you.

Introducing: Parenting—Let’s Make a Game of It

I know, parents are super busy and most don’t have time to read.

That’s why I wrote an easy-to-read book with a snarky, “let’s-be-real” tone of light-hearted stories that entertain as well as inspire playful parenting.

The chapters are short and stand-alone, so you can read whenever you’re waiting or have a spare moment.

In only 5-10 minutes, you’ll learn clever ways to get toddlers, school-age children, and even headstrong kids to cooperate—willingly!

“It is refreshing to read a book of parenting ideas, that is as much fun to read as the ideas are to implement.” Deborah Hoffman, parent and speech language pathologist

Woo-hoo! Our mommy’s book is an Amazon #1 New Release in 7 parenting categories.

Why People Love This Book

  • Entertaining. “Unlike most parenting books, this one is easy to read and entertaining.” Marli Diniz, marriage & family therapist
  • Easy to Read. “The author gives you a ton of new strategies, and she writes in a fun way that keeps you turning pages, not the dull, academic style of many other parenting books. I cannot recommend this enough!” —Tracey Price, parent
  • Connects Families. “Through stories, parents will discover how to turn tears and conflict into joyful connection and positive change.” Dr. Cheryl B. Lamin, clinical psychologist
  • Creative Strategies. “The book is full of creative strategies that solve daily parenting problems.” —Megan Harr, “The Many Little Joys” mommy blogger
  • Useful and Fun. “This book will help any family deal more effectively with their children. They will find it not only useful but fun as well.” Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul
  • Makes Parenting Easier. “A charming and helpful book for anyone struggling with their young children. Written in a whimsical tone, the book’s gentle wisdom unfolds until you discover your ability to loosen up, have fun, and enjoy your kids.” Dr. Fred Luskin, author of “Forgive for Good” and director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects

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Parenting-Let's Make a Game of It book cover to help solve parenting challengesAs delicious and good for you as avocado toast… but costs much less. And the benefits last a lot longer.
Save with the Summer Special!
(eBook only $4.99, paperback only $8.99)

Yes, I Want It!

Don’t miss out on the summer special!

It Can Help You Too

Entertains kids when they’re bored and misbehaving.

Calms children when they’re upset and melting down.

Gets kids to help around the house with chores.

Teaches real-life skills like organizing schoolwork, writing papers, and project planning to meet deadlines.

Makes parenting more fun.

Empowers your children.

Provides more quality family time.

About the Author

author Karen Thurm Safran pointing and smiling after handling parenting challengesHi, I’m Karen! I’m a mom with two grown kids, and I’ve spent my life immersed in this playful approach.

I wrote ParentingLet’s Make a Game of It to help other families cope with everyday parenting challenges. 

This book is loosely based on how I raised my two children. I found parenting more rewarding when I playfully dealt with everyday frustrations. It reduced the number of power struggles and provided more quality time connecting as a family.

Learn why I wrote this book and take a peek at the Table of Contents.

Turn Frustrating Parenting Challenges into Family Fun

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or someone who works with children, ParentingLet’s Make a Game of It will spark your playfulness.

What are you waiting for? Parenting, let’s make a game of it!

And the best news, the eBook costs about the same as a Starbucks Venti Frappuccino… but the benefits last a lot longer.
Save with the Summer Special!
(eBook only $4.99, paperback only $8.99)

Yes, I Want It!

Still not sure? Read a sample chapter. In a few minutes, you’ll gain new insights… and have a few laughs. 

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