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Graphing Activities—Fun and Educational

Graphing Activities—Fun and Educational

Hooray for graphs! They show info in a way that’s quick and easy to understand.

With one quick look, children see results with immediate visual feedback. And they can easily track their progress toward a goal.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

Data is all around us, and people use numbers to justify decisions in everyday living. By introducing graphing skills early, you’re teaching your child how to gather, collect, and interpret numerical information. These are essential skills for competing in the 21st century. Graphs not only playfully shape a positive behavior, they also encourage confident mathematical thinkers. And learning doesn’t get better than that!

Tips for making graphs effective:

  • Set clear expectations of the goal
  • Write them down
  • Make the rewards achievable
  • Solicit ideas from the children so the rewards will motivate
  • Determine how often to reward the positive behavior
  • Provide incentives for various milestones
  • Make adustments if necessary
  • Praise your child to reinforce the behavior
  • Be consistent

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Have you used graphs in a fun way with your kids?

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